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Welcome to the Aelevate Help Center. For your convenience we’ve put together a list with some of our most frequently asked questions, so you’ll most likely find the answer to what you’re looking for below. Don’t see your question in the list? Our team of dedicated support staff is here to help.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to get started?
  • You will need to provide us with some information about you, your business, and your website. These include your contact information, business address, information about your website and the kind of customers you’d like us to drive to your site. You will also be asked to provide us with your website’s FTP information (if available).
  • What does Aelevate do, exactly?
  • Essentially, we do everything you’d expect a marketing agency to do for you, at a low monthly price. We offer no-contract, subscription-based marketing services that include online advertising, campaign management, SEO, and consultations services. Our offer is all-inclusive, meaning that we take care of everything. So per example with regards to web advertising, we will design, publish and manage your banners for you, at no extra cost other than your membership fee.

    In addition to our personalized marketing services, we offer a suite of cloud-based tools designed to help you turn visitors into customers.
  • What is SEO?
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art and science of understanding how search engines interpret your website and list its content, in order to help improve your rankings from that of your competition in search results.

    While advertising is a great way to attract people who’ve never heard of you before, SEO can also help you reach that same goal, by making it easier for people looking for what you offer to find your site.
  • What is FTP?
  • FTP is what allows us to connect to your server, review and optimize your website’s source code, so our SEO team can improve your website’s rankings in search engines over time. This information is composed of 3 things: your FTP hostname (typically, FTP username, and FTP password, all of which were given to you by your web hosting company when you setup your website.

    When you create an account with Aelevate, you will be asked to provide your website’s FTP info. If you do not have that information, or do not know how to get it, simply leave the fields blank and one of our team members will go over this with you later.

    Note that not all websites do grant FTP access. Some websites, particularly those built using a template system, may not provide FTP access. If we do not have FTP access, you will still be able to benefit from our services, however we will not be able to deliver certain aspects of what we do (particularly with regards to SEO) which require access to your site’s source code.
  • Are there any fees I should be aware of other than my subscription fee?
  • Our prices are all-inclusive. This means that everything is included with your subscription fee, so you do not have to pay anything extra.

    You may be given the option to purchase certain add-ons (per example, if you wish to order certain additional services, such as custom animated ads, print ads, or budget expansions to receive more visitors than what your package normally includes), but you are not expected nor required to pay for anything other than your main subscription fee to fully benefit from our services.
  • Are there limitations on what you can advertise?
  • We cannot promote or advertise anything related to tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, or adult content. We also cannot promote any advertising, marketing, SEO, or any other kind of services that may compete with our own services.
  • Are all your visitors AdSense safe?
  • Yes, all visitors you will get from Aelevate are AdSense safe because we only use genuine web advertising, promotion and optimization methods, which are in full compliance with AdSense’s terms of use. It is perfectly safe to use Aelevate to generate revenue from ads on your site.
  • Can I switch package after I subscribe?
  • Yes, you may switch package anytime you want.

    You may either start a new package at the end of your current subscription, or do a same-day switch, in which case any remaining ad credits left on your previous package will be automatically added to your new package.
  • Can I cancel anytime?
  • Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

    All Aelevate subscriptions and packages are month-to-month, with no long-term contracts. You may cancel your subscription at anytime under My Account > Configuration > My Package > Cancel Package. You will be given the option to either cancel your subscription and close your account right away (including any ad campaigns you may be currently running), or delay your cancellation until your next renewal date (in which case your account, campaigns, tools and everything else will remain active until your next renewal date, at which point it will not be renewed and your subscription will automatically end).
  • Can I get access to the Aelevate Tools without using any of the rest of your services?
  • At this time we do not offer any packages that will only grant you access to our tools. We find that Aelevate is most effective when our tools are used in combination with our personalized marketing services.
  • Can I advertise multiple sites?
  • Yes, but you will need to setup a separate Aelevate account for each website(s) you own. Each Aelevate package is designed and intended to only promote and advertise 1 website.
  • Can I advertise in multiple countries?
  • Yes, but we can only advertise to select countries. At this time, we can publish ads and reach out to residents of the following English-speaking countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

    If you do not see the country you’d like to advertise to in the list above, please get in touch with our team to see if a special campaign can be made to advertise your site in the country of interest through one of our partner networks.
  • Can I use my own ads?
  • All our packages include custom web banners design, but you’re free to use your own banners if you’d like. The agent in charge of your account can setup your campaign to run using the banners you provide in addition to, or instead of, the custom ads provided by Aelevate. Please note that all ads must be reviewed and approved by our advertising partners and sites before they can be published. Ad sizes we accept are: 728x90 leaderboard, 250x250 square, 120x600 skyscraper, and 300x180 rectangle.
  • Can you optimize my website for search engines without FTP?
  • Without FTP access, we will have to focus our efforts on your advertising campaign to drive visitors to your site. We will still be able to work on improving your search engine rankings to some extent (i.e. with link building, per example) but since a lot of our SEO relies on optimizing your website’s source code (which requires FTP access), we will not be able to fully deliver this aspect of our service.
  • Can you help me build or redesign my website?
  • Unfortunately no, since we are not a website development firm. Although we can help with some aspects of your website, our specialty lies on the marketing side of things, so we don't build websites but we can help bring customers to it.

    Our SEO team can update your website’s source code to optimize it for search engines, but these enhancements are mostly invisible and will only affect how search engines see or “read” your website, it will not affect your website's looks or content.
  • Do you have an affiliate or reseller program?
  • Inquire within if you'd like to resell or offer Aelevate services to your clients as your own services, and learn more about our resellers solutions.
  • How do I subscribe?
  • You’ll need to select a package at

    Our packages and offers for new customers may change from time to time, so be sure to select a package that will best address your needs. You will then be asked to provide some information to allow us to get to know you better.
  • How do I manage where my visitors are coming from?
  • You can manage where your ads are being published under Configuration > Publishing Sources.
  • How do I preview my ads?
  • You can preview and see how your ads look like to potential visitors and customers under Configuration > Ads Preview.
  • How do I switch package?
  • Under My Account, go to Configuration > My Package > Switch Package. There you’ll find a selection of packages you qualify to switch to, with the current pricing change that will apply. By clicking on a package, you will get more information on what that package includes. Select a package, then click “Switch to this Package” and follow the instructions on the screen.

    Note that the packages and pricing for existing customers may differ from the ones offered to new customers.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
  • Under My Account, go to Configuration > My Package > Cancel Package. You will be given several options, per example you can request to keep your account active until your next renewal date, at which point it will automatically get canceled and won't be renewed, or request to close your account and end your service right away.
  • How do you bring visitors to my website?
  • We use multiple techniques to attract and drive targeted visitors to your site, including banner advertising, text and context-based advertising, search engine ad placement, search engine optimization, mobile ads, in-app advertising, and visitor retargeting.

    Some of the networks we work with include the Google Search & Display Network, Bing Ads Network, Facebook Advertising, and Clicksor, among others. We also operate our own in-house networks, with our own partner sites, including the Aelevate Amplify Network and Aelevate Select Network.
  • How do you target visitors?
  • Our visitors are refined by geolocation, user profiling (using information such as their browsing history, past visited sites, and interests) and through ad banners to make sure they have a direct interest in what you offer.
  • How long will it take before I start seeing results?
  • It may take a couple days for us to go over your website, campaign, goals and objectives with you, then setup your first ad campaign (including setting up your target audience, assigning keywords, and designing your custom ads). Upon signing up, you will gain access to your Aelevate account instantly, an agent will be assigned to your account, and he or she will contact you within 24h to review your details and objectives. You can expect to start seeing results in the first week, as well as an increase in visitors, sales and/or conversions shortly thereafter.
  • Where are you located?
  • We are based in San Jose, California.

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